Job Shadow Day

MVYLI’s Career Mentoring Program 2014-2015

MVYLI is expanding its successful Job Shadow Day Program to a year-round program MVYLI’s Career Mentor Program.   During the last 4 years, MVYLI matched 60 Island businesses and professionals with Vineyard youth.  This one-day experience has been eye opening and life changing.

MVYLI’s Career Mentoring Program gives Vineyard youth ongoing mentorship opportunities.  MVYLI’s team hosts weekly workshops to prepare students to maximize these mentoring experiences.  As part of their preparation, youth research potential career pathways aligned with their personal and professional dreams. They develop their first bios and headshots to include in their portfolios.  MVYLI’s team then matches youth with professionals in the Vineyard community who have jobs/careers in these fields.  MVYLI’s program leads to more motivated students; increased support from Islanders and seasonal residents; MVYLI College Field Trips hosts, scholarships, internships and summer jobs.  Supporters and sponsors are invited with mentors to Community Recognition Events.

Community Recognition Events: 2015

• February 6: Job Shadow Day Reception: MVYLI youth and their mentors make presentations;
• June 26: Youth Leadership Summit Graduation: MVYLI youth serve as Visioneers to inspire the next group of Vineyard youth to aspire towards their dreams through their professional dreams;
• August 4: Cronkite Awards: MVYLI youth and their mentors share their experience with seasonal residents.

Benefits to the Vineyard Youth & Community

  • Exposes young minds to inspiring leaders, opens doors and expands their horizons.
  • Helps translate youth passion with practical experience in the job market and the world of work.
  • Gives youth a positive experience of the world of work, promote a good work ethic, and develop long-lasting relationships that contribute to the island and global economy.
    • Better trained workforce: MVYLI prepares youth to be good employees.  The YMCA of MV has hired several MVYLI youth for their summer camps and afternoon programs.  MVYLI youth serve as interns at Martha’s Vineyard Community Television documenting town meetings and sports events for the Island community.
    • Develop New Leadership: The Vineyard has so many wonderful leaders on the island who have over the years directed its future.  There is general agreement that now is the time to groom a new generation of leaders that will ensure the Island’s future for generations to come.

Positive Press
MV Youth Leadership Initiative pairs high school students with professionals, MV Times, Feb. 12, 2014
Martha’s Vineyard Regional High School students test-drive careers, MV Times,Feb. 6, 2013
When Seeing Your Shadow is a Good Thing, Vineyard Gazette,February 17, 2012

MVYLI Job Shadow Day Video: 2013

MVYLI’s mission is to train young people to become leaders in their lives, their community and the world.  MVYLI is a project of the Stone Soup Leadership Institute, a 501c3 non-profit organization founded in 1997 on Martha’s Vineyard.  All Vineyard youth (14-22 years) are able to the attend programs at no charge.  

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