Bioneers-by-the-Bay Conference: 2010 & 2011

Bioneers-by-the-Bay Conference: 2010 & 2011

MVYLI youth are pursuing their dreams for their island and for the world. They joined with 2,000 people from schools, organizations and companies at the Bioneers by the Bay Conference in New Bedford.

The 6th Conference: Connecting for Change was three days of inspirational speakers, educational workshops, farmers and local artisan markets and musical performances — telecast with the original Bioneers in California and linked to 20 other communities around the world.

An aspiring businesswoman, Kelsey was especially impressed with Seth Goodman, President of Honest Tea. Honest Tea is “one of the ten best companies on the planet based on their overall social and environmental record.”

The youth were inspired by Nikki Henderson, of People’s Grocery in West Oakland, California leveraging local nutrition education to reduce obesity, diabetes, heart disease. People’s Grocery is featured in the book, Stone Soup for the World: Life-Changing Stories of Everyday Heroes.

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