Cultural Health: 2011

Cultural Health: 2011

MVYLI’s future doctors and health care workers are concerned about the eating habits of younger youth, so they set out to make a positive change in their community.

MVYLI youth had a workshop with the Stone Soup Leadership Institute’s board member Marsha Reeves-Jews to develop a plan for their presentation. They attended the 6th Annual Bioneers by the Bay Conference in New Bedford where they heard inspiring presentations and attended educational workshops with leaders in the field and conducted a site visit to innovative cultural health programs – The Food Project.

Because it has been statistically shown that people of color have far greater chronic health issues resulting from poor eating and lifestyle habits, MVYLI youth researched youth-oriented literature about healthy lifestyles for people of color and created a colorful power point presentation to inspire younger students to adopt healthy eating and lifestyle habits.

We are producing a video that will be featured on MVTV to provide outreach to Vineyard families and communities. This program is run in partnership with NAACP of Martha’s Vineyard at the Juneteenth Conference.

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