Class of 2015
Avery Hazell, Future Scientist

Lucy Norris, Future Translator at United Nations
Isabelle Wadleigh, Future Special Educator/Sign Language Specialist

Class of 2014
Mary Ollen, Future Lawyer or Public Servant

Marcanthony Piland, Future Editor
Isabel Smith, Future Biochemist

Class of 2013
Shavanae Anderson, Future Pediatrician
Sivana Brown, Future Event Manager
Julia Cooper, Future College Professor
Isabella El-Deiry, Future International Affairs
Jacob Lawrence, Future Public Relations
Lilly Neville, Future Criminal Justice
Charles Pikor, Future Business Manager
Maggie Riseborough, Future Accountant
James Roddy, Future Software Designer


Class of 2012  
Martha’s Vineyard Regional High School  
Je’Vaughn Crooks, Future Physical Therapist Cape Cod Community College/UMass Dartmouth
Eva Faber, Future Environmental Scientist University of Vermont
Shelby Ferry, Future Nurse University of Vermont
Cerina Gordon, Future Environmental Engineer Drexel University
Emma HallBilsback, Future Farmer Hampshire College
Chris Pitt, Future Film Director University of Massachusetts, Amherst
Andrew Randall, Future Farmer University of Vermont
Martha’s Vineyard Public Charter School  
Anna Hughes, Future Neurologist Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Meagan McDonough, Future Film Director Warren Wilson College
Class of 2011  
Amoy Anderson, Future Doctor Suffolk University
Shawna Brown, Future Radiologist Washington Adventist University
Grant Meacham, Future Actor Boston University
Evan Hall, Future Music Producer Berklee College of Music
Courtney Minnehan, Future Art Educator Plymouth State University
Kayla Johnson, Future Psychologist Manhattan College
Mary Vogel, Future Counselor Cape Cod Community College

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